Better than Penguins

Zeus and Jesus are substantially different especially in their ethical ways.

Zeus’ behavior is far from being a good ethical example, whereas Jesus, in my view of course, is a perfect example of ethical behavior.

Jesus forgives easily, even when people are trying to deceive and hurt Him, while Zeus is a much more difficult prospect to receive forgiveness from. Zeus might love someone for a second and within minutes try to kill that person. Jesus is a lot like a penguin while He loves, in fact Jesus’ love is better than a penguin’s love could ever be!

I’ve heard that penguins love and stay with their one lifelong mate till the end of their lives. Similarly, Jesus loves each of us for an eternity, which is beyond forever. He will stay by our sides “in sickness and in health, good times or bad, in sadness and in joy.” He loves us far more than we could have ever imagined. Jesus is such a great friend- He’s more than a friend-, even in ethical terms, He outshines Zeus and even penguins by a long shot.

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