Restitution or Vacation in Jail?

Restitution is the act of returning something that was lost or stolen. In my view it is far better for a victim of crime to receive restitution than it is for him to have to pay for the criminal to go to jail with his taxes. Not only is this a better situation for the victim, it is benefit to all society as well.

When a criminal, for example a first offense criminal, is sent to jail he often is not required to repay the offense he had committed. The criminal is actually being supported at the taxpayer’s expense while he is in jail even though the taxpayers did nothing to harm him. In the end the victim is still recovering from the offense and still paying his taxes so that the criminal can go to jail.

Some may say that prison helps correct a criminal and it makes him realize that by breaking the law there are consequences of punishment. Although this is true, it is not always the case in my view. As I mentioned before, a prisoner does not have to worry about how he will be supported or where his next meal will come from because in jail we, the victims, are providing for them at our own expense. The criminals are able to enjoy an expense free vacation from life with other similar minded felons. They are able to learn new criminal techniques from one another and when they are released they will want to try out what they had just before learned. Therefore, in my opinion, they are not being corrected but are being motivated to continue a life of crime.

When a criminal has to work in order to pay back what he had done, the victim will be repaid for the offense, whereas before, the victim would only be losing more money as he continued to pay taxes for criminals to go to jail. With restitution the criminal will hopefully learn that breaking the law doesn’t pay off, especially when he has to work in order to repay his offense.

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