The Unfortunate Unbelievers

The Sadducees, the appointers of temple priests, and Jesus’ apostles were unable to resolve their differences because the Sadducees refused to believe in many of the things that the apostles believed in. The Sadducees particularly did not believe in resurrection.

The apostles and the public openly spoke of the wonders of the resurrections being performed by God through the apostles. Even though these miraculous resurrections were a commonly known fact the Sadducees still continued to deny their existence.

The Sadducees even arrested a couple of apostles because they did not abide by the Sadducees’ orders of not speaking in Jesus’ name. Then, when the apostles were freed from prison by a divine miracle from God they continued to preach and heal in Jesus’ name which made the Sadducees angry even more so.

Once again the apostles were imprisoned but this time they were beaten, released, and prohibited from speaking in the name of Jesus. After being released the apostles immediately broke the Sadducees’ orders went back to teaching and healing in Jesus’ name.

The Sadducees seemed to be very blind throughout this whole situation, especially when it came to the truth. They obviously needed some healing done in their own hearts- healing that only God could have provided them with.

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