The Importance of Jesus’ Early Miracles

If somebody were to say that the miracles that took place during the beginning of Jesus’ ministry were not important I would immediately counter with an argument towards the unaware person.

A great multitude, when they heard how many things He was doing, came to Him.’ Mark 3:8b

The miracles that Jesus performed had a huge impact on people who might not have before been followers of Jesus. Once a person witnessed a miracle he would have a very tough time forgetting the everlasting seed that had been planted in his mind. It is highly probable that by seeing miracles manifest a person would soon afterward become a follower of Jesus and realize that there truly does exist an omnipotent God.

With the help of these miracles Jesus’ testimony was even more so believed as authentic truth. The miracles were undeniably one of the key factors in the process of building Jesus’ ministry.

Nobody should ever claim that miracles are sacrilegious, because without miracles where would this world of ours be?

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