Horace’s Ancient Roman Perceptions

From what I understood by reading a few of Horace’s ancient Roman literary works I found that his concept of personal ethical cause and effect was somewhat captivating.

Horace believed that daily ethics had no influence on history. I disagree with this statement because if a person were to donate a substantial amount of money to a charity, the charity would obviously rise in status with the help of the recent donation, whereas if there wasn’t a donation the charity would still be in a poor position. Another example is that if someone were to kill somebody, like for instance a king, emperor, or president, the action would definitely turn the shaping of history drastically.

With the thought of murdering in mind, Horace believed that every crime should have an equal punishment. That being said, let’s move on to more advice from Horace.

Horace also advised humans to act in a somewhat ant-like manner by consuming what they had stored up. He did not understand why someone would have a bunch of money or possessions stored up for no immediate use. He thought that living in the golden mean was the ultimate way to live. This idea is quite understandable because living in “the golden mean” refers to living moderately in the middle of not too rich and not too poor which is not such a terrible position to be in.

Horace expressed prudent wisdom throughout his writings. So far, from what I have read, I agree with his concept of not being too poor because I personally do not want to be a tatterdemalion.

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