Did Livy and Ovid have an Optimistic View for Rome?

There was reference to optimism for Rome in Livy’s literature as he believed that the Fates had a greater destiny planned for the empire. But Livy also believed that the more wealth something had the worse off that thing was going to become. In other words, he thought that being poor was better than being rich, because in his view the rich would eventually plummet. This applies to Rome because Rome was becoming stronger and wealthier as time went on. Little did Livy know that Rome’s future did have some major plummeting to come.

With both of these ideas in mind we are not exactly sure where Livy’s view of Rome’s future was at.

Ovid, on the other hand, is a bit easier to define with his views of Rome. Ovid believed, like many other authors, that there were four ages in this world. The first being the golden age, the second the silver age, the third the bronze age, and the fourth the iron age- the current age in which we live today. Each age was said to be worse off than the previous one. Ovid believed that there was no hope for a better future seeing as the ages kept becoming worse and worse.

In my meager view both of these authors seemed to hold an idea that Rome, or even the world for that matter, was eventually going to decline immensely in status throughout its future.

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