Price Controls are People Controls

Price controls are equivalent to people controls.

When a government controls prices and doesn’t allow the free market to function, it is controlling people. With price controls people aren’t able to compete in buying and selling. For example, when at an auction the highest bidder always wins- with price controls there is no highest bidder. A person isn’t allowed to offer an amount of money above the government set price, and a seller isn’t allowed to raise or decrease his prices, therefore leaving no competition within the market.

In the free market competition establishes prices. When an item is in high demand the price of it goes up, the high demand then notifies the producers that more of the item needs to be produced. Once there is an overabundance of the item its selling price then decreases. The customer decides what he wants to buy and what price he is willing to pay.

By putting price controls to use the government is controlling people. It is plain and simple- the government is controlling people by not allowing them to buy or sell at whatever price they choose and agree on. Government controls simply take away a person’s freedom to choose, which leads to more government control over the masses.

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