The Perfect Form of Training

It is not possible to have state- meaning government- subsidies without state control. You may say, ‘Of course it is possible!’, but that is where you are wrong.

Take this example, while you are training your dog you will most likely need to use food or treats as encouragement to get him to sit, stay, or do any sort of command. Your dog will eventually begin to obey you more frequently as his training continues because he knows that if he obeys he will be rewarded with a treat.   After a time all your dog will need as a reward is a pat on the head or encouraging words, he will no longer need to be enticed with a treat- although it is a good idea to keep him thinking along the lines of obedience by rewarding him with a treat occasionally . You then will end up with a well-trained trusty animal companion who will do anything you say as long as it is trained to do so. You can even control when he eats, sleeps, goes outside, and plays. This makes us as owners appear pretty controlling, doesn’t it? Well, it is true- we are controlling, just like our government.

The government doesn’t yet have the ability to tell us when to eat, sleep, or play- except for while we’re at public school- but it surely wants to get to that point of “training” where we will be under their full domain. To get to this point of domain the government uses subsidies and handouts as the perfect “treat” to entice us to obey.

‘Your wish is my command’ is also a good example for this situation. ‘Your wish’ means the government is possibly “wishing” to give us free food- food that many want- but along with that wish comes a small command that we must accomplish in order to receive the “treat” the government “wants” us to have. Each and every time the treat is received the command becomes greater. Now again, we are back to the basics of training- the training of dogs and the training of humans.

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