Online Education is Positive

I do not believe that online education is bad for society because it may put classroom teachers out of work. I believe that online education could be good for the teachers as their class size will shrink in number therefore allowing the teacher to have more time to spend helping the students as well as reduce their tasks at hand whether personal or educational. Even if the teacher were to lose her job she could most likely get another job, possibly even an online teaching position, for the same or higher pay.

Online education is also a benefit to the student. By studying online most students are able to accomplish more schoolwork because for many by studying in your own surroundings it allows you to have fewer distractions. Another benefit that comes with online education is that by staying at home you are able to remove the travel time involved in commuting to and from school.

The taxpayers could even benefit from a few teacher cut backs since the taxpayers pay for public schooling whether they like it or not. By reducing the number of teachers employed by the government the taxpayer’s tax money could go to a different cause and his taxes may even decrease in amount leaving him to handle his remaining unspent tax money as he wishes.

If somebody were to tell you that online education is bad for society because it puts teachers out of work you might first agree with him but if you really considered the unseen facts you would realize that it isn’t bad for economics at all.

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