Historical Sanctions in the Psalms

I have little or no doubt that the concept of historical sanctions in the Psalms was of great value and importance.

Back in those days God was thought of as a very strict and powerful judge who could at any moment make you reap the consequences of any wrong immoral action you may have done. With this fear of judgment in the back of people’s minds the people would try hard to please God in order to really reap what they had sewn in a good way.

I am so grateful that since then we have learned that our God is not such a mean, punishing God, He is a loving, yet still powerful, forgiving Father to us all. Just because our Heavenly Father forgives without a thought it does not mean we can go around sinning unrelentingly knowing that He will pardon us afterward. We need to

‘Set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity’

as 1 Timothy 4:12 says and show the world around us the unstoppable love of our Father God.

2 thoughts on “Historical Sanctions in the Psalms

  1. I think that even though we know he loves us and he won’t just call lightning down and kill us, we should still have a healthy fear of him in knowing that he can, and we should worship and respect him even more because not only did he make us in the first place, but he also hasn’t just wiped us off the face of the earth for our sin. just a little personal opinion.


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