The Flat World Myth

Many of us have been taught that the reason why Columbus wasn’t able to get fast financial help for his voyages was because people thought he was crazy in thinking he could travel around the flat world to Asia.

Our teachers have been wronged by being made to teach such nonsense. It is true that people thought that Columbus was crazy, but for another reason than a flat world. They thought he wouldn’t be able to make it to Asia with such a low amount of provisions, you see he had miscalculated the circumference of the world- yes, the world’s CIRCUMFERENCE. Luckily for him he ran into the Americas.

Nobody during the Middle Ages believed that the world was flat, you were crazy if you did. The earth’s roundness had been proven centuries before Columbus’ time. A couple of men who mixed truth and fiction started the tale in the late 18th and 19th centuries.

So whenever you want to show off your history skills just ask someone why Columbus was denied financial help for his voyages and await for their answer.

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