Fourteenth Century Renaissance

The fourteenth century renaissance ideas were very similar to the ideas of past renaissances. First of all there of course was a re-interest in ancient life literature and art. Secondly a few new ideas of life were introduced, individualism and humanism.

People during that time began to realize how dull the education system was and enforced the learning of different subjects such as history, rhetoric, grammar, and poetry. These people were known as humanists. They believed that by mastering persuasive language, as the ancient poems had, they would be able to persuade more people into the Christian faith, of course not all humanists were religious.

It was during the fourteenth century when people became more worldly, by signing their art, having portraits drawn of themselves or even just being more self centered.

Francesco Petrarca, or Petrarch is well known for stirring up some of the new ideas in the renaissance. He was so interested in ancient literature that he and other similar minded people began to search out these forgotten manuscripts.   He too had a bit of a selfish side to him as you can read in some of his poems.

This renaissance was so significant to our world because without it we may have lost all knowledge about ancient life and history.

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