Abraham to Joseph

Abraham was told by God that he was to be the father of a great nation. Abraham was blessed with one son, Isaac, who was very precious to him. One day Abraham felt God was telling him to sacrifice something, his son Isaac. As Isaac was bound to an altar Abraham was prepared to stab him felt God tell him he shouldn’t do it but, decided to attempt to stab another time, once again God said NO, now Abraham realized he was not to sacrifice his son and instead sacrificed a ram that God provided for him, this was a test from God. After Abraham’s death Isaac had two sons, Esau, and Jacob. As Isaac grew older he decided to give Esau, his eldest son his birthright blessing, but Jacob wanted to take Esau’s birthright for himself. He tried to bribe Esau for it, but Esau wouldn’t budge. He finally made a plan, with the help of his mother, to trick his father into to giving him the blessing. He succeeded which left Esau furious, wanting to kill him. Jacob fled from Esau seeking refuge at his uncle Laban’s home. He stayed there for around 14 years eventually marring both of Laban’s daughters, Leah and Rachel. Jacob had 12 sons, Joseph and Benjamin, both from Rachel, being his favorite sons. Leah’s boys became very jealous of Joseph and decided to sell him as a slave to some Egyptian caravans, not knowing that he would have the favor of God following him. While in Egypt Joseph had an opportunity to interpret dreams for Pharaoh. Pharaoh, who was highly impressed by Joseph’s ability to interpret his dreams, appointed Joseph to be his right hand man. Years later a terrible drought, which was interpreted in one of Pharaohs dreams, came over the land bringing Joseph’s brothers to Egypt hoping to find food. They ended up coming to Joseph, not knowing it was him, and begged on their knees for food, Joseph then revealed himself to them, forgave his brothers and reunited with his family.

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