A Bad Relationship

The Visigoths and the Romans did not have a good relationship at all. The Visigoths wanted entry to Rome because they were being pushed out of their homeland by the very war like barbarians the Huns. Rome did allow entry but the Visigoths were treated so badly that they had to sell their children into slavery in order to get money. After a while they just couldn’t stand it anymore, so they revolted against Rome. They actually defeated them in Adrianople. The Visigoths again decided to rise up under the rule of their leader, Alaric. During their battles they looted and pillaged Italy. Alaric did have respect for Rome and it’s culture, but when they did not give him what he wanted he raided them. While Rome was trying to fight them off more barbaric tribes entered Rome’s empire. With most of Rome’s army at work defending the city of Rome from the Visigoths these other tribes had easy access to Italy, therefore leading to the continuous sacking of Rome. Unfortunately Rome and the Visigoths did not have a quality relationship, if only Rome had been a bit more friendly to them things would have been a lot better off.


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