Three Stories for my Autobiography

To choose three stories that I would include in my autobiography out of all the things that have happened to me in my life is quite a challenge.

First, I believe I would choose the story of how my parents’ business got shut down which eventually led to our BIG move to Ecuador*. For the second story I might choose our experience of living in and owning a hotel in Ecuador, along with the ups and downs of life there. The third story that I would probably include in my autobiography would be about the loss of our beloved dog Sissy.

Now my opinion, these three stories that I would have to include in my autobiography may change as my life goes on for I have much more to live and experience in my life. Therefore many more significant stories are to come, but for now these are the three stories that I have chosen to go into my autobiography.


For more information on our BIG move to Ecuador go to-

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